The Peace and Power of Prayer

Our Deacons are offering our beloved Congregation different ways to pray with us.  We are always here for you and you are all loved more that you know. First: When you come in to Church if you feel you want a Deacon to pray with you right at that moment we are there for you to pray or to listen, or to rejoice with you or to cry with you.  We are there. Second: The Deacons will meet with you for prayer in the cry room for a private time of prayer. We will be with you to listen and to pray together in this private setting.  Third: We can meet at the end of a service for a prayer circle.  Holding hands, having members of the Congregation join into the prayer circle.  We can speak out the concerns and joys and together pray with the trust of children Fourth: We are starting up the Intensive Prayer Angels who will pray during the week about the issues read off the prayer cards during the service.  I will contact you each week with the prayer concerns by email or by postcard if you don’t like email.  If you want to be an Intensive Prayer Angel please sign up.  No meetings.  No worries but just keeping these prayers that were shared during the church service included in your daily prayers. Expect Miracles! I always do.